Mardi Gras Necklace Update

Our friends over at have informed us that their supplier will not be able to meet our demand for this year’s Mardi Gras! We are working on a solution and will update you as soon as we know our status.

We appreciate everyone who ordered!

Mardi Gras Bracelet and Necklace

Mardi Gras Bracelet and Necklace coming soon!

Our friends over at 925SilverJewelry.US are designing a Mardi Gras silver jewelry bracelet and necklace exclusively for us.  I am beyond excited to receive mine and can’t wait to post photos of it and I am equally excited to wear it during Mardi Gras and beyond!


148 Days until Fat Tuesday

148 days until Fat Tuesday but we all know that the parades begin long before Fat Tuesday.

This year the parades begin January 26th and run through Fat Tuesday (February 13th).  Check here for the latest parade updates.

We are starting to plan our trip down for the festivities.  Since we have moved to Pennsylvania, we will be flying into New Orleans and renting a car.  Last year, we drove and spent half of our time in Mobile then the other half across the bay at Daphne.  We have started our search early this year at for accommodations since accommodations go quickly during the days around Fat Tuesday.

It is a celebration and people come from all over. Many come for a day trip while others like myself come for several days leading up to the big day.